Gar Longworth - Bass Player

Thanks for checking out my resume. Hopefully you came here because you are looking for a bass player in the Milwaukee area and not because you were doing an internet search on bass fishing. For the last couple of years I've been working with a few different song writers and creating bass tracks for original songs. I also spent some time building washtub basses and learning how to play for a different project. It's been fun doing original music again after so many years of cover bands. I miss the stage however and would like to get back to the joy of bringing live music to the masses. I also enjoy video production and currently I'm working with a local country band setting up and running live video wall screens during shows. Still, I would prefer to find a working band that needs an experienced and talented performer to step in and fill the spot of a departing or inadequate bassists. The time and energy commitment will be there if you have the project to make it worthwhile. Let's find out. Please check out the information below and contact me.

Name: Gar Longworth

Qualifications: Over 40 years playing bass.  Backup/harmony vocals.

Location: South East side of Milwaukee

Contact Info:  Please send email to if you have any interest or questions.  I'll  respond by email, return your call if you send a phone number or supply you with my phone number if you prefer to call me.

Personality: I consider myself professional, dedicated and reliable and expect the same from band mates. No drugs or bad habits. Don't smoke. Light social drinker, but not during a performance. I love playing and performing. I've played many styles of music over the years and liked them all but what I like most is playing music that the audience enjoys. Half the fun is watching people have a good time while you're playing and the other half is performing with a group of people that can work together, have fun on stage and produce a professional show. I may be starting to look my age but I still have the energy to keep a live show fun and moving with a steady low end and a solid connection with the drums. Having fun is what it's all about.

Goals: I prefer a gigging band or one that is a finished project with booking connections in need of a bass. I would like to play out 2 to 4 times a month on average. This of course can vary depending on the season and type of jobs available. Regular rehearsals for keeping tight and learning new material is good and hopefully in the Milwaukee area.  

The type of music could be variations of rock, country, funk, etc. (old or new), or a theme or tribute band, a show or a variety band, or something completely different, as long as audiences can dance or be entertained by it. Intricate bass lines and interesting time signatures are welcome. It has to be something that people want to hear and/or watch. I prefer venues like festivals, fairs, corporate/private parties, etc. I don't have a problem doing weddings or country clubs. All of these types of gigs pay well but don't get the idea that it's all about the money. I also don't mind doing clubs and bars or original music. They can be fun as well. What I don't want is to be playing ONLY small bars all year long, and getting paid a pittance for a 12 hour day. Don't want to sound big headed but I've paid those dues enough already. A band that has good potential to go beyond that could be considered. No, I'm not the best bass player in the world and I'm not saying that you need to be. It's the product as a whole and the final results that matter.

Also, my ears have taken a beating over the years so I'm looking for something with less than concert level volume ON STAGE. If you have to play loud to play good then you're probably not the caliber I'm looking for. It's the 21st century. In Ear Monitors are a professional standard and I've learned to rely on them and reap the bennefits. The whole band doesn't have to use them but they are a requirement for me along with a dedicated monitor mix. I will gladly supply my own I.E.M. system. An acoustic act or original music is also a direction I'd consider.   

Although these are my stated goals I must also say that I am flexible and don't expect to meet all goals. But hey, you gotta shoot for something. Often, the one unique or perfect project turns out to be something completely different than what you started out looking for or you find a group of people that mesh just the right way to make it fun. I'm always interested in trying something new or original so don't be afraid to tell me what you're looking for.  

Experience: I started teaching myself to play bass when I was 16. I play by ear. If you need someone that reads music or can play off charts then I am not your man - sorry! Never-the-less, here's what I've managed to do over the last 40 years starting with the most current (Dates are approximate. Gosh, who can remember?):
NOTE: Bass on all audio files below is played by me. I am doing some of the backup vocals but no lead vocals unless otherwise specified.

Click on pictures to see a larger version.

Fine Cut 2010 - 2014  Pewaukee, WI

Hard Rock and the unexpected playing private parties, bars, fairs/festivals, biker parties. 

  Audio: Get The Funk Out (Extreme) Live recording with me singing backup.
Audio: Hysteria (by Muse) Studio demo recording.
Audio: Highway Star Studio demo recording.

Caught In the ACT (CIA) 2006 - 2009  Milwaukee, WI

Funk, Motown, R&B, Pop, Rock, etc. playing private parties, weddings, fairs/festivals. 

  Audio: Superstitious Recorded live at SummerFest Miller Lite Stage 2009.
Audio: I Wish Studio demo recording.
Audio: Lady Marmalade Studio demo recording.

Chasing Friday 2005 -2006  Waukesha, WI

Classic rock and variety playing private parties, weddings, fairs/festivals. 

Audio: Medley of cover songs recorded live.  

Our House 1999 -2005  Milwaukee, WI

Variety playing private/corporate parties, weddings, country cubs.

Audio: Magic Carpet Ride Studio demo sample.
Audio: In The Middle Studio demo sample. Me on lead vocal.

Power Play 1995 - 1997  Milwaukee, WI

Classic rock and variety playing clubs/bars, private parties, weddings, fairs/festivals.

Sweet Cheeks 1991 -1994  Milwaukee, WI

Motown review playing private/corporate parties, fairs/festivals, clubs/bars.

Home MIDI studio 1990's Milwaukee, WI

Built a small studio, wrote some songs, I did all computer programming and played all instruments.

Audio: Play It By Ear Me on all vocals.
Audio: Natalie A birthday present for my wife. Me on all vocals.
Audio: Winner Takes All This was a studio demo I played bass on for a friend.

Leverage 1984 - 1989 Milwaukee, WI

Current Top-40 and classic rock playing clubs/bars, fairs, festivals, private parties.

Audio: Reality Studio recording of an original song.

City Life 1981 - 1983 Milwaukee, WI

Current Top-40 rock playing clubs/bars, fairs, festivals, private parties.

Monopoly (full time) 1980 - 1981 Milwaukee, WI

Top-40 dance and disco playing clubs/bars, lounges.

Voyager (full time) 1978 - 1979 Milwaukee, WI

Current rock Top-40 and original songs playing clubs/bars, fairs, private parties.

Audio: Lost Voyage Live recorded sample of original material.

Shelter  (full time) 1975 -1978 Springfield, Il

Current rock Top-40 hits and original songs playing clubs/bars, fairs, private parties.

Audio: Pretty Eyes Studio recording of an original song.

Equipment: Fender, Peavey, Washburn, Boulder Creek 5-String basses. Fender, Gibson 4-String basses. Eden, Ibanez, Peavey amps and cabinets. Boss pedal board. Samson wireless. Audio-Technica IEM. A bunch of other miscellaneous stuff (keyboards, guitars, drums, rack gear, practice gear, PA equipment, trailer, etc.) collected over the years.