Gar's 2018 West Coast Bike Tour

Check out videos and pictures from the tour.

*This page is a work in process. As I edit pictures and footage from my phone and the 2 GoPro cameras mounted on my bike I'll post them here.

The editing for the first 4 days is now posted. Instead of continuing to post days in order I've decided to skip around and start posting days based on more interesting content for a while. Because there is so much footage from the trip, and almost all of it is from the bike's point of view, most of it is run in "faster than normal" speed. For those not used to watching the terrain pass by for hours on end while the horizon flips back and forth like a see-saw, this might be somewhat boring. For the rest of us, watch on as big a screen as you can find and imagine you're riding along. There's no sound track beyond the wind and the engine so feel free to put on your own background music and put a "Do not disturb" sign on the door. Enjoy!

Day 1, Sunday, July 15

Just a very short video showing my exit from Milwaukee. 

Tortal time of video is 2:05


Day 2, Monday, July 16

After spending the night in Sauk Centre, MN I headed to Fargo and began the long tedious trek across most of North Dakota to Dickinson. Another fairly short video of a long day.

Tortal time of video is 3:51

Day 3, Tuesday, July 17

Shortly after leaving Dickinson, ND I arrived at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. I took a rode that loops through the park before continuing on with another hot and boring ride across Montana and stopped at Livingston for the night.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Buffalo Herd

Curvy roads at fast speed

Horses on the lookout

Romeo, the roaming buffalo


Horse hoodlums

A couple of horses

The last buffalo

Tortal time of video is 21:30

Day 4, Wednesday, July 18

The last day of plains riding and finally into some mountains. From Livingston, MT to Spokane, WA another hot day of riding but with some good scenery and fun roads. Crossed the Continental Divide and managed not to go to hell-in-a-handbasket. Most footage is once again fast motion on the highway as there weren't any stops of interest on this day.  

Tortal time of video is 15:28


Days 5 - 13, July 2018

Coming some day.



Day 14, Saturday, July 28

After visiting my good friend Gary Weber in Mountain House, CA, which is about 60 miles East of San Francisco, I headed for the coast line and the famous Hwy 1 which snakes along the cliffs and bays of the Pacific Ocean. I would catch it at Monterey and not exit until near Cambria – about 100 miles later. From there I would go inland to spend the night in Paso Robles.
To keep each video from being too long I divided it up into 2 parts. Part 1 deals with the traffic jam I encountered trying to get to Monterey and my first attempts with lane splitting. That’s followed by the coastal ride to the Big Sur area. Part 2 is the rest of the ride along the coast line with wonderful views and very twisty roads.  

PART 1    Tortal time of video is 20:44


PART 2    Tortal time of video is 23:30


Days 15 - 24

Coming some day.